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Tax Lawyers in Colombia

July 24, 2023

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Tax Lawyers in Colombia

About Tax Law in Colombia

Tax law encompasses the legal rules and regulations that pertain to the process of taxation. It has an effect on individuals who engage in personal tax planning as well as on business companies throughout their existence.

What is Tax Law?

Tax law, also known as tax legislation, is a field of legal study that deals with the constitutional, regulatory, common law, and statutory rules governing taxation. The discipline encompasses domestic, international, and supranational laws and covers tax procedures and policies.

Tax law covers the following primary areas:

  1. Tax Compliance: This involves ensuring adherence to tax laws by accurately reporting income and calculating the correct amount of tax due.
  2. Tax Planning: Tax law helps in organizing one's economic affairs in a way that minimizes tax liability within the legal framework.
  3. Tax Disputes: In case of disagreements with tax authorities, tax law provides a mechanism to resolve these disputes.

As a complex field of study, tax law requires an understanding of financial accounting, contract law, and legislative policies. Specialists in tax law, such as tax attorneys or tax consultants, guide clients through the intricate world of tax regulation and assist in interpreting tax laws, planning financial strategies, and, if necessary, litigating tax disputes.

Tax Lawyers in Colombia

A tax lawyer, also known as a tax attorney, is a legal professional who specializes in the technical field of tax law. These experts are uniquely equipped to handle legal tax matters, such as settling back taxes, helping with unfilled returns, stopping wage garnishment, easing property seizures, managing audits, and setting up payment plans.

For businesses, a tax lawyer plays an instrumental role in the formation of a company, providing advice on the tax implications of business structures, mergers, and acquisitions. They can also help companies navigate the complicated world of corporate and payroll taxes.

At AGT Attorneys, we have in our team specialized tax lawyers in Colombia who advise local and international clients, both on global issues and local ones.

In our law firm, we have a wide experience in advising on Foreign Direct Investments in Colombia, investments abroad for Colombian nationals, mergers and acquisitions, among others.

At AGT Attorneys, we are a reputable legal representation for business owners and individuals before national and local tax authorities and reliable attorneys for contentious administrative procedures.

What does a Tax Attorney do?

These are some responsibilities of tax attorneys in Colombia:

  1. Drafting documents: Tax lawyers generate and uphold various kinds of documents, such as legal briefs, declaration and presentation tax forms, among others.
  2. Handling tax disputes: Tax attorneys advise their clients during their disputes related to tax responsibilities. Hence, for tax attorneys in Colombia, they will advise clients on their negotiations with the DIAN.
  3. Representing clients in court: They can represent their clients before judges through the litigation tax process in Colombia.
  4. Advising clients on legal issues: clients usually seek advice on tax related matters such as retirement plans, mortgages, and income.

When should I hire a Tax Attorney in Colombia?

You should consider hiring a tax attorney when facing complex tax situations such as starting a business, dealing with a DIAN audit, disputing a tax bill, planning an estate, or if you're involved in international business.

These situations are specially suited to hire a tax attorney in Colombia:

  1. Estate planning: A tax lawyer in Colombia can assist you in developing effective estate planning strategies and managing the necessary paperwork to minimize estate taxes. They can also provide guidance on transferring assets to family members, establishing trusts, and implementing other beneficial tactics for estate planning.

  2. Starting a business: A tax lawyer has the expertise to assist in creating tax-efficient strategies for initiating, acquiring, selling, or expanding a business.

  3. Tax relief: when new laws surrounding tax benefits are passed in Colombia, business owners and individuals may benefit from the legal expertise of tax lawyers to apply this tax benefits and reduce their spending.

Portfolio of legal services of our tax law area:

  • Tax planning and execution of tax structures for the globalization and expansion of projects.
  • Maximization of benefits in property taxes.
  • Tax structures in personal assets.
  • Assessment for sanctions and requirements before the tax authority in Colombia, DIAN.
  • Advice for international corporations or entities on matters relating to double taxation and the implementation of multilateral treaties to avoid it.
  • Due diligence on tax and exchange issues.
  • Offshore account/ foreign bank account reporting.
  • Taxes on legacies, donations, and inheritances.
  • Monitoring of requirements by tax authorities (DIAN).
  • Legal counsel on the preparation of exogenous declarations.

Are you looking for legal advice from tax lawyers in Colombia?

The intricacies of Colombia's tax system require professional guidance to ensure compliance and optimal financial planning. Tax lawyers provide a vital service, navigating complex regulations, helping mitigate risks, and potentially saving individuals and businesses significant amounts of money.

Tax Lawyers in Colombia are your trusted partners in dealing with the taxing authorities, tax planning, and in situations of tax disputes. Their expertise can be the difference between smooth financial operations and detrimental legal consequences.

If you're in need of such expert guidance, at AGT Attorneys, we are highly qualified to handle your tax related matters. Our seasoned tax attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle a broad spectrum of tax issues.

Write to us on our Contact Form, schedule your legal appointment with our lawyers through the following link or contact us at +57 310 5706331.

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