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Lands for Cannabis Cultivation in Colombia

August 16, 2019

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Marihuana Leaf with Field for Cropping Cannabis in Colombia
Nowadays Colombia is a very attractive destiny for the commercialization of cannabis internationally, starting with the solid legal framework to commercialize this plant and its derivatives, as well as the location for the cultivation of cannabis, in Colombia the soil is rich and has the ideal weather, it's no surprise that Colombia is one of the main objective of the cannabis trade industry for countries as Canada, the United States, Europe and other countries.

Colombian Guy With Cannabis LandsBDS Analytics market analysts (specialists in cannabis data worldwide) assure that by 2021 this business will sell 40,000 million dollars and employ more than 100,000 people. That is why at AGT Abogados we specialize in helping you obtain any of the four cannabis licenses currently available under Colombian law, we can also recommend the best options in lands of Colombian territory or farms ideal for the cultivation of cannabis in Colombia.

Which Licences of Cannabis Can I Request in Colombia?

In Colombia you can make a request of any of the next licences:
  • License for the Manufacture of Cannabis Derivatives
  • License for the use of Cannabis Seeds
  • License for the Cultivation of Psychoactive Cannabis
  • License for Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Cultivation
All under the control of the Justice Ministry, Health Ministry and the National Direction of Psychotropics of Colombia, they're in charge of grant the licenses of this business. Other entities such as ICA and INVIMA are also involved, depending on the case.

Requirements to Apply for a Cannabis License in Colombia

To request a cannabis license, you need to have some general requirements first, depending on which licence or licenses are you going to request, you will need other additional conditions.

To request the licenses for Cultivation of Psychoactive and Non Psychoactive Cannabis, is managed through the Colombian Ministry of Justice, the requirements are:

Natural Person:

  • a) Photocopy of the citizenship card or the immigration card. Or if required, valid visa.
  • b) Document proving the payment of the processing fee.
  • c) Personal sworn statement of source of income.
Cannabis Leaf Field in Colombia

Legal Person:

  • a) Tax Identification Number (NIT) for consultation in the Single Business and Social Registry of Colombia (RUES). If it corresponds to an entity excepted from registration in the Chamber of Commerce, a simple copy of the document proving its existence and registering the name of its legal representative.
  • b) Photocopy of the citizenship card or the immigration card. Or if required, valid visa.
  • c) Document proving the payment of the processing fee.
  • d) Personal sworn statement signed by the legal representative and the accountant or fiscal reviewer, who must attach a copy of their professional card.
Is important to stand out that for the licences of cultivation of cannabis it's also required:
  • Cannabis derivatives manufacturing license.
  • Contract with the harvest recipient (when this isn't the same grower).
  • Real estate registration number or ID.
  • If the applicant is not the owner of the property or real estate, you must attach to your application the document that demonstrates that you can use the property. If you don't have it, you must provide an affidavit stating the possession or possession in good faith of the property.
  • Description of equipment and areas.
  • Security protocol
  • Crop plan
  • Have a favorable concept in the previous control visit


  • If the license is for scientific purpose, is required the documentation that recognize the investigation project.
  • If the purpose of is the development of medicines with cannabis derivatives, you must make an official registration with the National Narcotics Fund. And in the case of manufacturing finished products, it will be the responsibility of INVIMA and ICA to approve their commercialization.
  • In case of being a foreigner, the time of the licenses will be the same expiration date of the VISA.
Signing a Marriage Document With an AttorneyIf you need legal assistance in a case of getting a cannabis licenses. We invite you to contact AGT Attorneys to start receiving the best legal advice. You can do it either by calling us at +57 310 5706331 or by filling out the next Contact Form. We'll be glad to assist you!

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