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Labor Lawyers in Colombia

June 29, 2023

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Labor Lawyers in Colombia

Labor Lawyers in Colombia - All you need to know

Labor lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in the field of labor law, with their main objective being the regulations that protect and safeguard the rights of workers and labor relations.

Labor lawyers are experts who provide legal advice and representation to parties in legal matters such as unjust dismissals, termination of employment contracts, labor disputes, collective bargaining, wage claims, among others.

Their extensive knowledge of labor laws and regulations allows them to guide their clients through complex legal processes, ensuring that their rights are upheld and protected. With their expertise, labor lawyers strive to achieve fair outcomes for workers and foster harmonious labor relations.

What is labor law?

Labor Law in Colombia is the branch that regulates the relationships between employers and workers, as well as protects labor rights and promotes fair working conditions.

It encompasses a set of rules and legal provisions that establish the rights and obligations of employees and employers in the workplace. These regulations cover aspects such as employment contracts, minimum wage, social benefits, occupational health and safety, job stability, working hours, among others.

Specialized labor lawyers are dedicated to advising and representing both employees and employers in cases of labor disputes, unjust dismissals, wage claims, and any other situation related to the labor sphere.

Types of Labor Law in Colombia

Labor Law comprises various branches that address different aspects of labor relations. Among these branches are:

  • Individual Labor Law: It regulates employment contracts, working hours, vacations, social benefits, and the rights and obligations of both workers and employers.
  • Collective Labor Law: It encompasses the set of rules and principles that govern the establishment and functioning of workers' trade unions. It also determines how conflicts, agreements, and any situation that may arise for the associations are handled.
  • International Labor Law: It promotes the regulation of norms and the formulation of public policies regarding the well-being of workers at an international level. For example, it deals with the relocation of workers from one country to another. (We invite our readers who want more information on Relocation of Workers, to open our publication on this topic in the following link:
  • Social Security Law: It regulates social security systems, such as pensions, healthcare, and occupational hazards. Its purpose is to guarantee the protection, well-being of workers, and decent working conditions for them.
  • Administrative Labor Law: It is responsible for regulating the relationship between public entities and their employees.

At AGT Attorneys, our team of skilled labor lawyers possesses extensive knowledge and experience in each of these branches of labor law. We understand the complexities and nuances involved in labor-related matters, and we are committed to providing effective legal solutions to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and benefit from our expertise in labor law. Whether you need guidance in individual employment matters, collective bargaining, international labor issues, or any other labor-related aspect, we are here to assist you and navigate the intricacies of labor law on your behalf.

Consultation with experienced attorneys

How to know when I need a labor lawyer?

As mentioned above, labor lawyers regulate generally the contractual relationship between an employee and the employer. Hence, both parties will need to seek for legal advice from labor lawyers when facing legal disputes in the labor relations they have.

Both employers and employees may need to seek legal advice from labor lawyers when facing legal disputes related to labor relations. Here are some situations where legal advice from labor lawyers is beneficial:

As an employer, you will benefit from consulting with a labor lawyer when:

  • You receive a legal threat through lawsuit, typically related to allegations of mistreatment, illegal overtime, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, or wrongful dismissal.
  • You aim to terminate the employment of a union employee who has not met expectations.
  • Discussions are underway regarding the possibility of a work strike.

For Employees, you might want legal advice from labor lawyers on the following cases:

  • You intend to initiate legal action against your employer due to any form of misconduct or unfair treatment.
  • You have been unjustly terminated from your position.
  • You would like to engage in negotiations to establish terms and conditions during a strike.

Labor Lawyers: Individual Labor Law

Labor lawyers specializing in individual labor law offer a wide range of services to protect and safeguard the rights of workers at an individual level. They provide comprehensive legal advice, assistance in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, as well as legal representation in cases of wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, harassment, and other labor rights violations.

At AGT Attorneys, we have labor lawyers in Colombia who offer the following legal advisory services:

  • Legal advice in candidate selection and recruitment processes.
  • Consultation on employment modalities.
  • Assistance in confidentiality agreements for employees.
  • Guidance in employee reprimands, rebuttals, and sanctions.
  • Development and enforcement of internal labor regulations.
  • Legal management of special job protections, such as maternity.
  • Union negotiations and agreements.
  • Labor lawsuits and conciliation.
  • Employee relocation to other countries.

Labor Lawyers: Collective Labor Law

Collective labor law regulates the relationships between employers and workers' associations. These labor lawyers specialize in advising and representing labor unions in defending the general interests of workers and assisting employers in complying with labor legislation.

At AGT Attorneys, our professionals handle the following legal procedures:

  • Consultation on collective bargaining.
  • Dialogue and collective negotiation.
  • Evaluation of submitted demands.
  • Legal and strategic advice during collective negotiations.
  • Reinstatement actions.
  • Representation in arbitration processes.

Labor Lawyers: Social Security Law

Labor lawyers provide specialized services in the field of social security law, with the aim of protecting workers' rights related to their well-being and protection during their work activities.

Furthermore, they ensure that employers fulfill their obligations regarding social security, ensuring that the corresponding contributions are made and that workers are adequately protected in case of accidents or occupational illnesses.

Our labor lawyers in Colombia offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Assistance in selecting appropriate contractual models.
  • Legal measures in cases of contractual breaches by employers or workers.
  • Advice in affiliation processes.
  • Legal defense before administrative and judicial bodies.
  • Analysis of tax implications in the labor context.

At AGT Attorneys, our team of labor lawyers is dedicated to providing reliable legal services and support in individual labor law, collective labor law, and social security law. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.

Need Legal Advice from Labor Lawyers in Colombia?

Our labor lawyers at AGT Attorneys in Colombia can handle all legal matters related to Labor Law for your company. Having the support of a team of labor lawyers will enable you to comply with all legal requirements related to employee hiring, labor laws and regulations, social security, labor due diligence, handling of labor-related judicial processes, labor hearings, and administrative conciliation proceedings, among many other services that facilitate the administrative functioning of your company.

With our professional approach, we are committed to providing strategic and personalized legal advice tailored to the needs of each client. Whether it is conflict resolution, legal defense, or strategic planning, our goal is to ensure the protection of labor rights and promote fair and equitable labor relations.

Contact us today for expert labor legal assistance from AGT Attorneys in Colombia. We are here to support your company's legal needs and provide reliable solutions to labor-related challenges.

Write to us on our Contact Form, schedule your legal appointment with our lawyers through the following link or contact us at +57 310 5706331.

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