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Cannabis Licenses

Colombia Cannabis Lawyers, Bogota Cannabis

AGT Attorneys is a colombian law firm with the best cannabis lawyers, we provide legal solutions to national and international people who needs legal counseling, representation and follow up of legal procedures for business people and foreign investors wishing to start this business. Trust in our cannabis lawyers if you want to settle in the colombian cannabis industry, write to us in the next Contact Form.

Colombia Cannabis Properties, Bogota Cannabis Lawyers
Our cannabis lawyers can help you out in the process of creating your cannabis business, the legal acquisition of lands in Colombia, apply for any of the cannabis licenses aviable, the development of cannabis projects and guide you in the best way for you to have an excellent law process of acquiring the cannabis land in Colombia that you need.

Our cannabis lawyers, can help you applying for the next cannabis licenses:
• License for the Manufacture of Cannabis Derivatives.
• License for the use of Cannabis Seeds.
• License for the Cultivation of Psychoactive Cannabis.
• License for Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Cultivation.

If you want to have an excellent legal advice of the Bogota Cannabis Industry or any place in Colombia, we strongly recommend you, our cannabis lawyers in any purchase of lands for cannabis cultivation. We will complete the due diligence to ensure that your cannabis licenses goes in the right way.

Settle in the colombian cannabis industry with the best cannabis lawyers. Fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!. If you want to know a little bit more about our cannabis legislation, we invite you to read the next How to Get a Cannabis License in Colombia for Cultivation and/or Manufacturing?.

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