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Brand Registration SignBrand, slogan, and distinctive sign registrationAt AGT Attorneys we offer legal counseling and representation for companies in brand, slogans, and distinctive signs matters. Our professionalism and wide experience allow us to procure satisfactory results providing advisory to big and small companies in brand registration, trademark litigation, slogans, industrial designs, patents and domain names. We always aim for a prominent service in order to offer the best assistance to our customers; we help them in the search of their commercial objectives so that each company achieves a sure success.

The distinctive signs that our clients can register with AGT Attorneys are the ones perceptible by the senses like words, the shape of the product, images and even sounds. Also are valid for the registration, the combination of letters, numbers, and colors.

The trademark registration advisory that we offer as professionals in law, is a procedure that every natural or legal person must accomplish to protect and legalize their entrepreneurship. Besides, with our legal aid, the registration will be useful for people to ensure their name is not illegally used by others.

Some of the steps that our clients must follow for the trademark registration are delivery of the trademark application, the study of form, the publication in the industrial property gazette, the study of the registration oppositions and the fund evaluation. If all the steps are fulfilled, surely, our customer's trademark registration will have positive results in every stage of the process, until the sign or brand is protected by its owner.

We offer the following trademark services:
  • Registrability and trademark background research.
  • Registration of figurative marks, word marks, and three-dimensional marks.
  • Filing and answering oppositions.
  • Transfer or encumbrance requests.
  • Trademark surveillance and portfolio maintenance.
  • Renewal of distinctive signs.
  • Declaration of use.
  • Trademark cancellation actions.
  • Response to requirements.
  • Appeal trademark rejections.
Remember that our firm also provides you with the trademark registration worldwide, through an international trademark registration system or by applying for trademark registration directly in any country of your choice.
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