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Lawyer Signing a Patent ApplicationInventions need to be protected. That is why companies that are constantly innovating can find an ally in AGT Attorneys. We can help you register a patent for all your inventions. Our Patent Registration service has come to redefine the costly and complex procedure of registering a patent, offering you a comfortable solution.

Our law firm will handle the entire patent registration process whether it is in Colombia or in any other country. At AGT Attorneys, we offer a hassle-free service as we believe that our clients should only be concerned about commercializing their product. Our service involves technical and legal documentation for the patent application. We will represent you at every stage of the judicial process to protection your invention. Our law firm offers the following:
  • Preliminary consultation.
  • Registrability and trademark background research.
  • Creation of legal request and descriptive documents.
  • Patent claim construction.
  • Response to requirements.
  • Response to third-party oppositions.
  • Representation during examination of patentability.
  • Representation up until the final decision to grant the patent.
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