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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions are becoming more and more common in Latin America. This is because the region has an attractive market for investors who want to expand their business operations. Countries like Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil are becoming ideal locations for foreign investors to acquire and operate companies in Latin America through merger and acquisition procedures, thanks to their increasing judicial, fiscal, and regulatory stability.

At AGT Attorneys, we have adapted to this growing need in the market; that is why we have advised Latin American business owners to merge their companies with compatible businesses, creating the synergy they need to expand and conquer new markets. The consolidation or acquisition of businesses can lead to horizontal or vertical mergers between competitors, providers, distributors, among others.

With this in mind, our law firm offers legal representation to buyers and sellers. We can carry out the most suitable legal procedures applicable to different cases: purchase or sale of financial assets, acquisitions, mergers, and share trading. Our main goal is to pursue successful business mergers.

Our professionals are highly qualified to give legal advice on merger and acquisition procedures, which enables them to assist any case in that practice area, regardless of how particular they are. To fulfill all our clients' needs, we give legal advice and guidance throughout the entire process, from searching suitable companies to combine with —including a legal evaluation and search of the selected companies— to submitting the document to certify the consolidation of the acquisition. Our law firm offers legal support in the following stages of the merger and acquisition procedure:
  • Evaluation and integration strategies.
  • Rounds of negotiation.
  • Structuration phase.
  • Due diligence.
  • Closing of deals and subscription.
  • Implementation.
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AGT Attorneys offers legal advice on specific practice areas related to mergers and acquisitions:
  • Analysis and creation of letters of intent.
  • Analysis and creation of non-disclosure agreements.
  • Valuation of the company to be acquired.
  • Legal advice on how to write and place a bid.
  • Creation of noncompete agreements.
  • Creation of agreements on access to information.
  • Permanence and exclusivity agreements with third-party negotiations.
  • Analyses on whether the company integration should be approved by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) or not.
  • Legal representation in case approval by SIC is not necessary.
  • Analysis and creation of memorandum of understanding.
  • Analysis and creation of any necessary component of the due diligence process including labor, financial, regulatory, fiscal, intellectual property, and others.
  • Creation and revision of consolidation contract—sale and purchase of shares contract— purchase of assets, merger through absorption, acquisition of business, among others.
  • Legal advice on the fiscal implications of a transaction.
At AGT Attorneys, we count on highly qualified professionals to offer legal advice and representation. Our specialists have served several companies over different stages of the merger and acquisition process, whether they are national or international buyers or sellers. Also, we offer legal support to clients who want to acquire or sell a company. Likewise, our law firm grants its services to clients who want to merge with other companies.
  • Legal advice, analysis, and creation of offers.
  • Legal advice, analysis, and creation of purchase agreements.
  • Legal counseling and representation to achieve a successful negotiation.
  • Legal advice on transference and issuance of share certificates.
  • Legal counseling on the sale of assets.
  • Legal advice on direct sales.
  • Legal counseling in company demergers.
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