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Lawyers in Bogotá Colombia

Lawyers in Bogotá Colombia

Where Can you Find a Lawyers in Bogotá Colombia?

This is a common question for our clients every day, but the answer is simple. In Colombia, you can find different kinds of lawyers because Colombia is one of the countries with numerous lawyers admitted to practice in many areas of law and the different states or regions of Colombia.

The process to admit an attorney to practice in Colombia is quite different in contrast with the United States or other countries. In Colombia, once a lawyer finishes the university studies they're eligible to apply for his professional license as a lawyer. This means that there are many lawyers in Colombia.

This situation is not always good for clients, as the client must pay special attention to the lawyer's area of expertise. For this reason, our law firm in Bogotá has lawyers in Colombia who specialize in different areas of law. Contact our professionals at: (310) 5706331.

Lawyers in Bogotá Colombia With the Best Legal Skills

In this way, in our firm, you can find lawyers in Bogotá Colombia who specialize in corporate law, taxes, immigration, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, family law, criminal law, litigation, labor law among other areas of practice. This expertise in the different law practice areas guarantees that you can find in our law firm different lawyers in Bogotá Colombia that have specialized knowledge in the area that you require.

Similarly in Colombia, there are many law firms. But it's always recommended that the client verify the experience and recognition of the partners in the legal sector and thus be able to hire a lawyer in Colombia that generates greater credibility and trust.

Colombia is divided by states or regions, for this reason, the law firms have focused on providing services in the main cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla. For example, in our law firm located in Bogotá, Colombia we have our main offices, but we can travel to any city in Colombia to represent our clients in any legal matter, either to advise them in a business or to represent them before a judge or a court.
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What Services do Lawyers in Colombia Offer?

As in most countries, lawyers in Colombia specialize in a specific area of law, but when they provide their services through law firms, the client can find an interdisciplinary service that combines several areas of expertise of lawyers in Bogotá Colombia.

Some of the services that you can find in a lawyer in Colombia are the following: Our firm provides constant support to different areas of the companies we serve, given their constant needs in business and corporate law, including several issues such as:

  • Incorporation of companies in Colombia.
  • Legal advice on starting a business.
  • Design of legal structures and models for any type of company.
  • Business cooperation contracts.
  • Agencies.
  • Distribution.
  • Franchises.
  • Brokerage.
  • Commissions.
  • Exclusive representation.
  • Trademark licenses and business models.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Temporary joint ventures.
  • Consortiums.
  • Specific regulations: Depending on the economic sector, the regulatory requirements are demanded by administrative entities such as superintendencies, ministries, INVIMA, and government agencies.
  • Representation and counseling as the plaintiff or defendant in different types of crimes such as:
  • Breach of trust.
  • Check fraud.
  • Misuse of insider information.
  • Land grabbing.
  • Moral rights infringement.
  • Product altering (quantity, quality, weight, measurements).
  • A deceitful offering of products or services.
  • Brand and patent counterfeiting.
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Fictitious import or export.
  • Illegal practice of monopolistic activity.
  • Crimes against the financial system.
  • Assets laundering.
  • Hydrocarbon contraband.
  • Damage to natural resources.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Illegal fishing.
  • Illegal mining.
  • Replication or imitation of food, products, or substances.
    Representation and counsel throughout all stages of the criminal justice process, such as:
    • Filing a complaint
    • Legal representation during the public prosecutor's preliminary investigation or inquiry.
    • Support in the evidence collection plan.
    • Legal representation during protective measures, felony arraignment hearing, an indictment.
    • Representation during indictment.
    • Representation during preliminary hearing and trial.
Lawyers in Bogotá Colombia Services
  • Representation and counseling on governmental procedures for administrative requirements.
  • Legal representation and counseling on tax issues before the administrative jurisdiction.
  • Tax planning for the structuring of businesses.
  • International operations analysis, which involves double taxation agreements.
  • Counseling on transference pricing from a legal perspective.
  • Counseling and representation for tax refund.
  • Counseling and legal representation for national, departmental, and local taxes.
  • Counseling and legal representation on tax issues before the government and municipal authorities.
  • Auditing for the compliance of tax obligations.

Trademark, slogan, and distinctive sign registration:
  • Registrability and trademark background studies.
  • Registration of figurative marks, wordmarks, and three-dimensional marks.
  • Filing and answering oppositions.
  • Transfer or encumbrance requests.
  • Trademark surveillance and portfolio maintenance.
  • Renewal of distinctive signs.
  • Brand awareness declarations.
  • Withdrawals.
Anti-piracy and intellectual property disputes:
  • Criminal actions for trademark, slogan, or industrial design counterfeiting.
  • Trademark infringement actions before the appropriate national authority.
  • Unfair competition actions due to intellectual property infringement.
  • Action for annulment before the council of estate.
  • Non-use cancellation actions.
  • Registration of software, literary and artistic works.
  • Copyright disputes on jurisdictional matters.
  • Counseling on copyright protection.
  • Counseling on copyright licensing and exploiting.
  • Copyright license agreements.
  • Counseling for the music, television, film, and literary industries.
  • Patent background and feasibility studies.
  • Applications for patents of invention or utility models.
  • Representation during the phases of the patent registration process.
  • Filing or answering to an opposition.
  • Representation for patent infringement cases.
Consultancy on industrial property, technologies, and procedures:
  • Trade secret and nondisclosure counseling.
  • Legal actions for confidentiality infringement.
  • Technology transfer contracts.
  • Protection for scientific or technological developments.
  • Due diligence on intellectual property.
  • Representation for punitive administrative procedures before health entities.
  • The health registration process for products intended for human applications.
  • Health Department and INVIMA procedures.
  • Publicity approval.
  • Counseling for regulatory and health procedures.
  • Legal procedures before family judges.
  • Counseling on family stockholder meetings.
  • Counseling on shareholding structures for family businesses.
  • Counseling and drafting of shareholder agreements for family businesses.
  • Separation by mutual agreement.
  • Prenuptial agreements.
  • Surrogacy legal procedures in Colombia.
  • Divorce and annulment procedures.
  • Successional scheme structuration.
Our law firm in Colombia is composed of several legal professionals who can provide you with the best-specialized advice on legal issues.

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