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Labor Law and Social Security

AGT Attorneys offers legal counseling regarding labor and work-related issues. We manage our operations in a modern and dynamic way that is in constant integration with companies' human resource areas by attending to their daily consultations, which reduces legal risks in the future. We intervene in labor law counseling from the selection process to contract termination or the dismissal of any member of your company. We advise and represent clients on issues related to hiring employees, laws, social security and work regulations, labor due diligence, labor and judicial proceedings, and administrative conciliation hearings about labor issues. We also offer the following services:
    • Legal counseling for the recruitment and selection process
    • Counseling regarding type of employment contracts
    • Counseling regarding salary payment procedures and perks
    • Counseling on warnings, disclaimers, and sanctions for employees
    • Advice and guidance for dismissals and severance pay
    • Counseling on labor disabilities
    • Counseling on occupational diseases
    • Counseling on employee confidentiality
    • Counseling on security studies for workers
    • Development and fulfillment of internal work regulations
    • Family and medical leave management
    • Employee leave management
    • Negotiations and union pacts
    • Trials and labor conciliation
    • Personnel outsourcing
    • Business relationships with workers
    • Relationships with contractors for services rendered
    • Representation and counseling in case of social security, health pension, or labor risks administration
    • Change in working conditions
    • Labor migration management
    • Employee due diligence
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