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Intellectual Property

Our practice specializes in everything related to brands, patents, slogans, industrial designs, and intellectual property law. We have extensive experience representing national and international companies that wish to protect their marks globally with the support of a qualified legal team, contact us.

Trademark, slogan, and distinctive sign registration:
  • Registrability and trademark background studies.
  • Registration of figurative marks, word marks, and three-dimensional marks
  • Filing and answering oppositions
  • Transfer or encumbrance requests
  • Trademark surveillance and portfolio maintenance
  • Renewal of distinctive signs
  • Brand awareness declarations
  • Withdrawals

Anti-piracy and intellectual property disputes:
  • Criminal actions for trademark, slogan, or industrial design counterfeiting
  • Trademark infringement actions before the appropriate national authority
  • Unfair competition actions due to intellectual property infringement
  • Action for annulment before the council of estate
  • Non-use cancellation actions.

  • Registration of software, literary and artistic works
  • Copyright disputes on jurisdictional matters
  • Counseling on copyright protection
  • Counseling on copyright licensing and exploiting
  • Copyright license agreements
  • Counseling for the music, television, film, and literary industries

  • Patent background and feasibility studies
  • Applications for patents of invention or utility models
  • Representation during the phases of the patent registration process
  • Filing or answering to an opposition
  • Representation for patent infringement cases

Health registration and regulatory affairs:
  • Representation for punitive administrative procedures before health entities
  • Health registration process for products intended for human applications
  • Health Department and INVIMA procedures
  • Publicity approval
  • Counseling for regulatory and health procedures

Consultancy on industrial property, technologies, and procedures:
  • Trade secret and nondisclosure counseling
  • Legal actions for confidentiality infringement
  • Technology transfer contracts
  • Protection for scientific or technological developments
  • Due diligence on intellectual property
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